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Massage Avenue is a family owned and operated massage place that has been serving the community of Killeen, TX and surrounding areas for over 7 years (2010-present).  Our humble beginnings started in California where Jovita worked in Los Angeles as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Chiropractic Assistant and Physical Therapy Assistant from  2003 - 2009. Her passion is to provide clients with healing massage and an experience of pure relaxation.  At Massage Avenue, our skilled licensed professional therapists  understand the mind-body-spirit connection, and have helped hundreds of loyal and satisfied clients to a level of healing and relaxation that rebuilds the self that has been damaged by stress to the body and soul.

Jovita and her family opened Massage Avenue after embarking on their own amazing journey of transformation and healing. In 2000, they were overworked and over stressed; caught up in the fast paced life in California. Seeing the toll it took on their lives, and the impact that overworking the body and spirit had on their physical health and interpersonal relationships, Jovita got licensed in Massage therapy, helped her family and worked at some major wellness centers and spa in California. Prior to practicing in Los Angeles, Jovita also practiced Reflexology in the Philippines from 1993 - 2000.  After realizing the power of holistic healing and relaxation thru massage, Jovita & her family decided to leave their stress behind and opened Massage Avenue. Today, we continue to grow strong because of our loyal and satisfied clienteles. Thank you.

Jovita's understanding of physical and spiritual healing has made Massage Avenue unique. She has learned that helping others has further uplifted her spirits. The skilled and licensed therapists at Massage Avenue are committed to providing you pure relaxation and comfort.

Massage Avenue believes that the beauty of body and spirit sometimes comes from healing the physical body through some form of wellness therapy including massage. We invite you to come in and check us out.  See you very soon!

Open 7 days:  Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday:  10am - 6pm  By appointment only

Office: (254) 680-4100
Mobile: (254)768-4344

License #ME1976

2006 N. W S Young Drive #52
Airfield Plaza
Killeen, TX 76543

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